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Growing up we all had that one old lady in the neighborhood that everone knew not to mess with. Well on Chicago’s South Side, 68-year old Margaret Matthews is THAT old lady.

Police say that Margaret shot a 12 year old boy in the arm Tuesday night after continiously being bullied by the boy and his friends.

According to neighbors, Matthews is a stand up woman who got tired of being bullied by the neighborhood kids. Reportedly, the boys repeatedly vandalized her home by throwing bricks through her window, setting her trash on fire, and breaking items in her shed.

Matthews reached her breaking point Tuesday night after the boys tossed a brick through her window. She called the police who came to the scene and filed a report. After the cops left, the 12 year old boy returned to do more damage. When the boy came back to the home, Matthews was waiting for him with her gun and let off a shot that hit the youngin in the arm.

Margaret was taken into police custody and released because the cops said she acted in self defense. The lil bad a** snot nosed punk young man who was shot was released from the hospital on Wednesday and now faces a charge of misdemeanor aggravated assault to a senior citizen.

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