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Kathelia Greer was running late on Wednesday. So she just left her two-year-old alone in the office at his daycare. Without telling anyone. And the kid made a run for it.

Greer was arrested Wednesday afternoon when neighbors of the daycare found her baby walking down a busy Atlanta street.

Police later told Dore that the toddler’s mother, identified as Kathelia Grier, told them she was running late to drop her kids off at the day care, and that one of the assistants at the day care said they could not accept the children because the drop off deadline had passed.

Investigators said when the assistant went inside to call the owner of the day care to get permission for the mother to leave the kids, the mother got in her vehicle and left, leaving the children at the day care. The toddler proceeded to run behind the vehicle, at which point residents spotted the toddler, police said.

The 2-year-old was not injured in any way.

When news reporters got to the daycare center, Grier’s mom’s first comment was that she wants custody of her three grand-babies. Which means this probably isn’t the first time Kathelia Greer has shown that she shouldn’t be responsible for anyone’s life.

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