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(CNN) — Mike Sarkany has been hiding from bullies for a long time.

Since fifth grade, other children mistreated him at school — beating him up on the playground, blocking his way in the hall, throwing balls a little too hard. No one believed him. Teachers told him to stand up for himself, but he didn’t know how. His solution: Try to avoid anyone who might mistreat him.

Now he’s 57, but he still harbors the same anger and fear that he did as a bullied child. He lives alone and tries to minimize interactions with others because he’s still wary of being treated cruelly and feels he never learned how to deal with it.

“I just wanted to go to school and enjoy the experience. I just tried to not be involved. I didn’t do anything to anybody. The more you try to get away from everybody the more they’d bother you,” he said. Read his iReport: Happier times

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