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Yea, I don’t really know… But hey, he says he got it poppin .. literally!! Soulja Boy took over as the poster-boy for their digital issue where he reflected on having to shoot someone who broke into his house. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m thinking if I shoot this n***a, I can get that gun and shoot all these n****s at the same time,” Soulja Boy said in the interview.  “So I jumped out, shot at the dude four times and missed. He ducked down and ran.  He started yelling, so I shot him like two more times. Then he turned around and started running.  So I popped his a** like two more times in the back, and he hit the floor.”

You wouldn’t think that a little guy like Soulja Boy could commit such acts but believe it.

“I really didn’t want nobody to know that I shot somebody,” Soulja continued. “My label [didn’t] want that out there [because] when the robbery went down I had fans like 9, 10 years old. But being that I’m 20, I don’t give a f**k no more. Ain’t nobody take s**t [from me that night].”

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