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“I’m doing something different. I am coming from the back,” Mathew Knowles explained as he entered an eagerly waiting room. Convention attendees were already revved up from Dr. Derek Greenfield’s speech about going after your dreams. Knowles took the stage to explain how he was once sitting in the same seats as the audience was, taking notes and being attentive. “I want you to realize, I sat where you are sitting right this minute.” He explained how he experienced humble beginnings and then grew to success.

He went on to give a list of ” The 10 Things Successful People Do.”” Successful people have passion; they love what they do. They are also visionaries and are always planning their next move. Successful people have teams working for them. Of course successful people are smart. They use what they know to get ahead. They take risks and learn from failing. He explained that inside each no there was a yes. Successful people also take the time to give back. The most important thing that successful people do according to Mr. Knowles is thinking outside of the box. At the end of his session, he explained to everyone the importance of networking with those around you. If you are a singer, get with a songwriter and a producer. Make sure you use those around to help you find your success. The session ended with a Q&A with audience members and Smokey Fontaine.