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Last week on Black Friday Lil Kim finally responded to Nicki Minaj’s diss record “Roman’s Revenge.” While we give the Queen Bee points for  attitude we feel like these were good jabs when she needed to throw some jaw-breaking, Kimbo Slice elbows.

Our best guess is that this was a bait song (does anyone else remember that Jay-Z diss freestlye “H To The Omo” Nas released before Ether?) and that she’ll come with something even stronger after Nicki responds. Kim even says “on my next move, I’m yelling checkmate.” If that’s the case Kim should recruit some heavyweight ghostwriters to come with her own “Ether.” But who?

50 Cent

Lil Kim’s one-time nemesis would be especially motivated to outshine his boss (Eminem was the co-star on Nicki’s track) and 50 has just enough ruthless edge to hit low blows. And you can count on him to take some sideways shots at Lil Wayne in the process.

Royce Da 5’9

He’s proven his pen works just as well for others as himself (ask Diddy) and is probably the only rapper alive that can match Eminem’s penchant for macabre insults on a track. He seems to be gunning for the job anyway insisting on Twitter that Nicki HAS to respond to “Black Friday.”


While he has no beef with the rookie, Hov is the only person who could properly fill Big Poppa’s ghostwriting shoes for the Queen Bee. Its’ not like he’s writing for Foxy Brown anymore and if he’s really “ghostwriting” who would ever know?  And isn’t there a line in the Illuminati handbook that says you have to profit from wars between rival nations while appearing neutral?

Gucci Mane

No, Le Fleur is not the best lyricist walking and he’s even worked with Nicki Minaj but given all the free booty grabs Lil Kim has allowed him over the years the least he can do for his fellow ex-con is throw her a few gully bars in self-defense. Plus he knows a thing or two about rap beef.

Fat Joe

Ruthless? check. Rap beef experience? Check. The Don Cartegena has gone on record saying that Nicki Minaj should pay homage to Lil Kim so you know he has her back. Besides, there have to be a few lines from Big Pun’s rhyme books that he hasn’t used yet.


Kiss told Funk Flex that battles are “therapeutic for hip-hop” but he was wrong when he said Nicki wasn’t gonna come at Kim. Maybe out of a sense of loyalty to B.I.G he’ll throw Lil Kim a few bars for old time’s sake.


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