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Some folks just shouldn’t be allowed to speak. After having his chain jacked on several occasions, rapper Young Berg has decided to come out and get some publicity by claiming that Kanye West stole his hit song “Jesus Walks” from another rapper.

“So what happened was, I was around [producer] Boogz…Boogz had a demo tape, not even a demo, a beat reel CD of Kanye’s or whatever. It had ‘Jesus Walks’ on there it had a lot of different things and I ended up stealing that CD from Boogz,” the rapper said in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. “I stole the beat, granted, the ‘Jesus Walks’ beat is exactly the way you hear it or it’s amplified…. I recorded this song and it was on my demo. ‘Jesus Walks’ was on my demo. Like, how crazy is that?”

Berg then goes on to talk about how Def Jam A&R and producer Rodney Jerkins slept on his version of the track…literally: ”Dead ass… Rodney Jerkins fell asleep while listening to ‘Jesus Walks.’ I was 16 and that was on my demo. He fell asleep and I watched ‘Jesus Walks’ come out with a Grammy.

What planet does this guy live on? If you didn’t fall asleep while reading Bergs lies account of what happened, you can get more of his larceny when he releases some of his new projects which will give a behind the scenes look at the industry.

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