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How do you review a concert? I mean overall it depends on what you are going for and which you really like, right? That is so true for this concert.

If you are a person who loves to see someone sing and you wanted some good singing, then you would have really like Trey Songz and not really been happy with Usher. Trey did a great job singing his hits and a few other songs from his last two cds. His set was a little short. He only had 40 minutes when he could have used at least an hour. One thing I really liked about him is that he pointed to people in the crowd and actually talked to them. “You in the pink top jumping up and down, I see you!” or “Hey baby girl with the angel wings. Are you my angel tonight?” Things like that make you feel that he was really connecting with the crowd. Very nice and very smooth.

One thing I didn’t like was the special effects that where shown on the screen. Those of us that had to look at the screens didn’t need the special stuff. We wanted just to see Trey on stage singing. That’s it. No picture frame, not random stars, no extra graphics, just Trey. Thanks. Overall, Trey was worth the time. I give him a B+

If you like a lot of dancing and you wanted to see him move, then you would be very happy. Usher danced and his stage set up was nice. He came in from the back of the coliseum and rode a platform that floated above the audience. NICE! Oh, it was so smooth! No one had a clue what song he was singing, but no one really cared.

There is no question that Usher can dance, but he lip-synced most of his show. Which is fine, but he should be up with the song. His mouth and the songs were off. Sometimes he wasn’t moving his mouth at all. That’s a problem. Yeah, didn’t really come to hear him sing, but he’s been doing this toooooooooo long not to have that down. Maybe it was an off night. I hope.

Naturally he pulled a lady on stage. Oh, she grinned from ear to ear. He sang “Trading Places” to her. Every woman in the audience was saying, “If that was me, I’d…” but in today’s world with YouTube and all, I’m glad the woman didn’t do anything to totally embarrass herself. LOL

Usher did a short, cute tribute to Michael Jackson. Nothing except the floating stage really stood out in his show. I’ve seen him before and I think I liked his last show which I think for his 8701 cd. Overall, I’d give him a B.