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The reviews are in and Monica: Still Standing is not sitting well with reality TV fans. Why? Because Monica is more normal than the average reality star. I have to admit that she is no NeNe or Kim but she is a down to earth, African-American, artist who looking to revive a successful 90’s singing career. Unfortunately, that one bit of truth could be the downfall of the new BET series. I guess we will have to wait and see. Monica: Still Standing air’s Tuesday nights at 10pm on BET.

Season One Premiere Run Down

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Air Date: October 27, 2009

In our premiere episode, Monica takes us on her journey as an artist, back to where it all began in Atlanta, Georgia. We learn about her years as a singing child star and the trials and tribulations she experienced as a young woman. Now, Monica is working on her fifth studio album and the future of her music career at J Records is riding on its success. While she’s working hard with producers to find a single, and setting up a meeting with her record label, Monica is also managing a busy family life. She’s excited about moving into a brand new home, but for now she’s living in a hotel because the house is still under construction.


Monica and Melinda decide that it’s time to bring Bryan-Michael Cox, one of the main producers on the album, up to speed. They get straight to business at B. Cox’s studio and he plays her a new song called “Infiniti.” Monica likes the song, but is not sure if it’s the right song to lead the album. She shares a few songs she recorded with Missy Elliott to get his opinion.

The ladies leave the studio with no conclusion as to which song will be the lead single, so Monica calls her fiancé Rocko for some comfort and support.

Back at the hotel, we meet Monica’s sons – Lil’ Rocko and Romelo – her soon-to-be stepson, and her mom, who picks them up to give Monica and Melinda time alone for their call with the J Records executives. They talk briefly with Carolyn, one of the reps, and though the call needs to be rescheduled, she ensures them that she still has Monica’s back as always.

Monica and Melinda stop by the house to check on its status. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before they can move back in, but when it’s complete, their family will be too.

A STORY: The J Records executives already rejected a previous song, “Still Standing,” as the album’s first single. Since that meeting, Monica has been determined to prove to the label that she could find the perfect record. In this episode, Monica and Melinda plan another meeting with J Records executives, where she will try to win them over one more time.

B STORY: Monica has a lot of responsibilities dealing with her boys, preparing new music for the label and trying to get work on her house finished. In the meantime, she’s forced to live in a hotel with her boys while Rocko is on the road. She and Melinda go to check out the status of the house. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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