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Paul Wall sat down with Ozone magazine to discuss why he decided that it was time for him to stop sippin’ on the sizzurp

“I’ve always been a big defender of [sippin] syrup. Even when [Pimp C] passed, when Screw passed, when Moe passed, I kinda made excuses. I said it was other things that killed them, just their whole lifestyle. That’s part of being a drug addict. You make excuses and try to validate what you’re doing . . . My kids would wake me up in the morning and I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. It was just the way they looked at me, and the way my wife would look at me. She was constantly trying to get me to stop. I wouldn’t have any energy at times. The syrup makes you real irritable . . . I can’t be a good father to my kids and be addicted to a drug, regardless of what drug it is. Growing up, I went to all the drug programs for the families of drug addicts. So I was always aware of the problem. Since I was related to a drug addict, I found myself turning into what I’d hated all my life. That’s exactly what I was afraid of.”

Sounds like somebody is growing up into a real live adult…Now if we can just get some new music from my favorite white rapper.