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In Akron a man suffered severe head injuries his brother attacked him with a crowbar during a fight over a half-eaten piece of fried chicken…

According to,  The brothers were watching TV in separate rooms when Thomas Morris, 41, said a piece of chicken was tossed in his direction.

Apparently Tony Morris threw a piece of chicken at his brother because he believed his brother took a bite of the chicken and placed it back in a frying pan.

Thomas Morris told police he suggested the brothers go outside and handle their dispute like men.(All this over some dang chicken?)

According to reports, Tony Morris then grabbed a crowbar and charged after brother. Thomas Morris ran outside, but slipped on the icy porch. He was then struck several times in the head and suffered a 3-inch laceration to his forehead. Eventually, he ran to a neighbor’s home and grabbed a snow shovel, prompting Tony Morris to flee.

Here’s the good part….

The mother admitted to eating the chicken later on that day…

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