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A Houston man took to extreme measures this week to score the new Air Jordan “Cool Grays”, hiding in a trashcan and eventually paying $400 for the popular sneakers.

11 News caught up with JuMarcus Bingham who told them he tried the city’s Deerbrook mall where 500 to 1,000 were rushing to buy the shoe and caused damage to the store’s entrance.

Instead of waiting outside like everyone else, Bingham says he took matters into his own hands.

“I was in a trash can hiding in the mall for about an hour, trying to be first in line for the shoes,” Bingham said.

But by the time Bingham actually lined up for the retro shoe, they had sold out of his size 8.

So, he rushed over to another local mall and tried his luck there.

At the city’s Northwest mall, he walked up to a customer who’d just bought a pair of Cool Grays and offered him $400 for the $180 shoes.

“He was coming out the line,” said Bingham. “I just pulled him over to the side and was like ‘How much you want for them?'”

When asked by the news station about why he paid so much, he replied,

“I mean I had to get ‘em. I support Jordans.”

BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!!! 2011!!!

The last time we saw the Classic Jordan XI was in the DMP pack with the Jordan VI. Well, according to the good people over at Modern Notoriety, the Concord is on deck to release in Holiday 2011. This will definitely keep the registers ringing for the fourth quarter of ’11! The retail on them will be just as the Cool Greys has been at $175. Time to get next years list together


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