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When speaking of marriage, most people remember the infamous quote, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours”, that seems to hold true, EXCEPT for personal emails! Leon Walker of Rochester Hills, Michigan is facing felony charges for reading the emails of his then spouse, Claire Walker.

While the couple were in the middle of a divorce, Walker discovered by reading his wife’s emails, that she was having an affair with her second husband who was said to be abusive. The couple was indeed living together when he decided to do his “research” within the email of his wife on their shared home computer. When Leon Walker found out this information, he informed his wife’s first husband for the safety of the children that were involved in both marriages. The men deemed it necessary to then go to the courts with this information.

It was said that once the emails were given to the courts, Claire notified the police, and now Leon Walker is being charged with a five-year felony by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. Walker was outraged by the prosecutor’s decision to press charges for him simply protecting his children.

The couple is now divorced, and Walker will go to trial in February.