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If you’re looking for a new car, A new report out suggest that the day after Thanksgiving(Black-Friday) is the best day of the year to buy…Analysts looked at day-by-day car pricing for the last several years and found that discounts on Black Friday are, on average, the biggest of the year…Unlike typical Black Friday sales where customers know exactly what they’ll pay for an item, car prices are individually negotiated the day of the sale, so it’s difficult for customers to know ahead of time they’ll be getting a deal. The average new car discount on Nov. 27 is projected to be 7.5%. The average discount the day before and after is expected to be just over 6%. On a typical day throughout the year, car shoppers usually pay about 4.7% less than the sticker price. projected particularly large discounts on certain models from Ford, Suzuki, Hyundai and Nissan…