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Harold Montaize Alford, 22: Alford is charged in the Feb. 17 murder of Adam Couther, 27, who was stabbed while trying to break up an argument between Alford and his aunt over her friends on Facebook, police say. According to charging documents, when police responded to the scene in the 700 block of N. Lakewood Ave., they found Alford holding a blue towel on Couther’s neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Alford and Teresa Begett were both covered in blood, and Alford was “shaking uncontrollably,” Detective Michael Moran wrote in charging documents.

Begett had returned from work and was sleeping on her sofa when Alford called her on her cell phone at about 2 a.m. and started arguing with her about a male friend on her Facebook page, Moran wrote. Begett hung up on Alford and moments later he showed up at her home and entered using a key. He began assaulting her, at one point wrapping his hands around her face and “smothering” her, records show. The argument subsided, but he later attacked her again, banging her head into the wall, police said.

Alford denied assaulting Begett and said he “saw a red and silver object going through the air” before Couther began bleeding. He said he did not know how Couther was cut and said neither he nor Begett were responsible.

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