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The 77-year-old soon to be reality TV star appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” Tuesday where she revealed that she jokingly called The First Lady “Blackie O”, a reference to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Joan Rivers is known for pushing the envelope but the comedian’s remarks about First Lady Michelle Obama may have taken things too far. According to Rivers she previously nixed the joke from her stand-up routine because she feared she’d be called a racist.

Here’s what she said yesterday:

“We used to have Jackie O now we have Blackie O…I think it’s an adorable joke… I thought it was a compliment!”

While Stern’s Black co-host, Robyn Quivers laughed she also added,

“Where’s the compliment in that? I’m looking and looking, I’m trying to find it.”

What do you think? Did she cross the line?

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