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Here are some quick and easy ideas if you are having trouble getting your special someone something for Valentine’s Day.

1. A Valentine Photo Book

This is simple, fast, and can be cheap. Upload photos of you and your sweetie to a site like Kodak’s Kodak Gallery and create a photo book. Add captions or lines from a poem, complete your order, and voila! You have a unique and very personal gift for your Valentine. Who wouldn’t love that?

2.Custom Wine Label (and wine)

You don’t have to make your own wine. Instead, buy a nice bottle and then create your own wine label using a photo of the two of you, scrapbook paper, or you could even use a Valentine’s Day card as the label. Deliver it in a pretty bag. Red wine pairs wonderfully with dark chocolate, so slip some nice chocolate in the gift bag too.

3. A Blanket

Everything about Valentine’s Day evokes romantic cuddling. Why not make a special blanket you can share? No-sew blanket kits are inexpensive and take under an hour to create. Every time you see your loved one snuggled on the couch in the blanket you made, take it as your invitation to cuddle!

4. A Mix Tape or Mix CD

Everybody has an MP3 player these days, but remember the days of making mix tapes for your crush? Create a mix of songs that played an important role in your lives (the song playing for your first dance, maybe), songs that remind you of your relationship, and songs you both enjoy. Burn them to a CD. Make a CD label from a picture of the two of you and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper. Listen to it together in the car when you go on a date.

5. A Story, Poem, or Song

If you’re especially brave, craft your own story, poem, or song for your sweetie. If word-smithing isn’t up your alley, find a poem, lyrics, or short story that captures the essence of your relationship. Print it on pretty paper and frame it. When you give it to your Valentine, read it out loud to him or her, and look them in the eye.


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