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One of the directors of Erykah Badu’s controversial “Window Seat” video says that he believes she wanted to get arrested after disrobing in downtown Dallas for the video.

The duo of Coodie and Chike, who also helmed Kanye West’s debut video “Through The Wire” were the men behind the camera for the video.  They recently spoke with MTV News about the video.

“We already had planned for Coodie to make a certain move with the camera so that she would have the time to get up and do what she had to do to come for the rebirth for the last scene,” [Chike] said of the jump-and-shoot guerilla shoot that was carried out without any official permits or clearances. “But then after that it was more like, ‘Where’s the van?’ The van wasn’t where we all thought it was supposed to be.”

But luckily, moments later it screeched up across the street and everyone turned around and made a run for it. “Rushed in the van and she broke,” said Chike of Badu’s escape, which came as a few shocked bystanders made some noise about calling the cops…

Though no cops rolled up on them, Chike said Badu was prepared if the authorities nabbed her. “Her contingency plan was get arrested,” he said. “She was big on doing it.”Coodie revealed that the directors had already collected bail money just in case. “I think she really wanted to get arrested, even make a bigger message,” he said.

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