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The big question today about the raid on bin Laden seems to be “was he armed.

Here are some of the newly released details about the operation… Via:CNN.com

“the commandoes found bin Laden and his wife, unarmed, in a room, Carney said. “She rushed one of the U.S. assaulters and was shot in the leg but not killed,” he said. “Bin Laden was then shot and killed. He was not armed.”

A number of people are upset about the celebrations going on around the country (mad because they’re celebrating someone being killed) but others say “he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands and justice was served.”  A U.S. official said bin Laden was shot when he made a threatening move. The fact that he was unarmed only adds fuel to the fire.

The operation lasted 40 minutes and five people were killed (2 couriers, 1 woman, bin Laden and his son).

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