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I never understood the logic of going to an event where everybody is having fun and enjoying themselves just so you can start shooting folks.

Well it went down on Miami’s South Beach this weekend.   Of course Memorial day weekend is the time when black folks from around the country head to South Beach for a little fun in the 305’s sun.  It goes without saying that Memorial Day weekend in Miami is nothing like it used to be.  It’s much more hood and folks act a lot more reckless than they used to.

The area of South Beach near  Collins and Washington was a complete danger zone around 4am this morning as two different shootings broke out leaving one dead and at least six — including three police officers — in the hospital.

Cops say that around 4am the first shooting happened around 15th St and Collins Ave while the second happened an hour later on 13th and Washington.

The video below shows a black car coming to a stop after letting off several shots at bystanders in the area.  After the car stops, a stand off ensues as  cops approach the vehicle with their guns drawn and eventually fire several shots in to the car.