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Photo by: Ron Tom

Via: madamenoire.com

Here are 5 signs that say “I may be a stalker”

1- You’ve read the last three months of his Tweets.

Social networking has provided more information than we could have ever thought possible. If you want to know the thoughts that run through a person’s head throughout the day follow them on Twitter. If you happen to have a thang for that person… you could find yourself lost in their thoughts. Searching for shared ideal and funny moments.

2- You use Facebook like it’s a government agency

Again with the Internet. As you’re trying to build up your courage to actually speak to your crush in person or acknowledge your true feelings for him, you may take comfort in looking at his Facebook pictures. It is stalkerish but we’d be lying if we said you couldn’t learn A LOT about someone by looking through their profile, their likes, what they’re doing with their lives and most importantly who they’re dating.

3- You just happen to stumble into places he frequents

“Heeeey I didn’t think I’d run into you here.” Stop that lying girl. You know the object of your affection goes to thecoffee shop precisely 10 minutes before he goes into work. You don’t even know the difference between a latte and a frappuccino but you’ll stand in line pretending to ponder the selection until he gets there.

4- “Overhearing” conversations other people have about him or her

If you don’t have access to him directly you might have to settle for those closest to him. His friends, family or others who happen to know more about him than you do. You know you’re lingering too long but you need to find something that’s going to get you that “in” you’ve been searching for.

5- Restraining yourself from commenting on information you’re not supposed to know

So you’ve Googled, checked out all the pictures in his Facebook profile cache, and read his Twitter time line. That information has to come out some time. You may find yourself blurting information you learned during your snooping/research. While the info is out there for everyone to see, the fact that you know that off top is alarming and will instantly out you as the stalker you are.

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