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Casino Crisis & Big Money Live “Double Or Nothing” is well constructed and leads the way in witty bars. Each emcee is energized and delivers whatever anyone could ever seek from a hip hop song. The tracks go hard whether you’re club seeking or slow cruising in your ride. Casino has grown since “Remeber This Face” and you definitely can’t wait to see where his progression takes him next. If you haven’t heard the track “I Got Stacks” Ft. Lola then you’re missing out on a guaranteed anthem. “Bag It Tight” is also a nice notable track.

These guys know how to put together a complete project from front to back which says a lot coming from their market. All songs were produced by The Marines ( Dre Cannonz & Casino Crisis) and their efforts are well above average. This mixtape is worth the download into your iPad, iPhone, and every other tech gadget. “Double Or Nothing” is a strong lead into the next quarter and raises the bar for Carolina hip hop.

Rating: 4 Stars