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I went to the movies last week and got a chance to see the Hugh Jackman flick “Real Steel’ and I must admit that it was A LOT better than I thought it would be. There were some great action moments, some good action and a lot of FIGHTS…Robot fights, but GOOD some quality knock down drag outs. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked the movie because for the second week in a row the flick is number one at the box office bringing in $16.3 million.

The weeks to 10 breaks down a little somethin like this…

1. “Real Steel,” Disney, $16,291,655

2. “Footloose,” Paramount, $15,556,113

3. “The Thing,” Universal, $8,493,665

4. “The Ides of March,” Sony, $7,108,846,

5. “Dolphin Tale,” Warner Bros., $6,233,185

6. “Moneyball,” Sony, $5,456,730

7. “50/50,” Summit, $4,260,087, 2,391

8. “Courageous,” Sony, $3,305,238, 1,214

9. “The Big Year,” Fox, $3,251,884, 2,150

10. “The Lion King,” Disney, $2,792,403

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