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Oh they grow up so fast! Apple’s iPod is officially 10 years old and we’re celebrating! Remember when it was just a baby with a single track wheel and small black and grey display screen? iPod has developed faster than we could have imagined. If the iPod was a human, he (yes, it’s a boy), would be a 10 year old boy and this is what you could expect!

10. A.D.D would take over and his brain would be on shuffle for most of the day

9. He would have  been conceived on Valentine’s Day to a Jagged Edge playlist on Windows Media Player

8. Falling down and getting scratched up during play time is expected

7. When you really need them to focus and get work done, they lose energy and go to sleep until they’re recharged.

6. depending on their size, they can hold a large amount of contents inside

5. Offer hours of nonstop chatter

4. Spend more time playing games and watching movies than actually listening to music

3. Fail all spelling tests because of auto-correct (iTouch)

2. His first celebrity crush would be rihanna

1. His Attention span would be on average, 15 seconds before he skips to the next activity

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