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Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are what I call game changers. The two 20-something year old founders of the photo sharing app Instagram announced earlier today that they have sold their company for $1 Billion to the folks over at Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is coughing up the cash and stocks for the company.

The two men both graduated from Stanford prior to working for other tech companies leading up to the inception of Instagram 2 years ago.

In a statement on their website, the duo said “When we were kids we loved playing around with cameras — we loved how all the old Polaroid cameras marketed themselves as ‘instant’ (something we take for granted today). We also felt that the snapshots people were taking were kind of like telegrams in that they got sent over the wire to others — so we figured why not combine the two?”

Over the last year Instagram has accumulated over 30 million users.