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Southern rapper Gucci Mane can’t seem to get it together. He was just sued for failing to pay a $270,000 bill he raked up in a Georgia jewelry store.

The owners of jewelry store A&A Diamonds got lawyer Vivian Uchitel to file a suit against the “Lemonade” rapper. Filed in Henry County court earlier this year, A&A Diamonds claim they loaned Gucci Mane a diamond pinky ring that costs upward of $130,000. The jewelers also lent Gucci a diamond chain and bracelet. The bracelet and chain are said to be worth $110k.

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According to the court documents, A&A Diamonds and Gucci Mane entered an agreement which would give Gucci 15 days to pay off the balance of the jewelry or return them. Gucci Mane hasn’t done either of the two. The only money A&A Diamonds received from Gucci Mane was the $40,000 down payment. A&A is suing for $274, 523.34. The sum is the cost of the lost jewelry, interest, attorney and court fees.

Because Gucci Mane didn’t show up in court to respond to the lawsuit, the judge ruled in favor of A&A by default. As a result, a lien has been placed on Gucci Mane’s property. It doesn’t seem like Gucci Mane cares about this lawsuit because despite the lien on his property, Gucci still hasn’t responded to the lawsuit or even acknowledged its existence.

When will rappers learn they are not exempt from the law because they are famous. Pay your taxes and bills. Us non-famous people struggle to do it all the time.



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