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Uh Oh…Looks like another reality TV show is getting ready to invade out TV sets…Are you ready for a reality show based on the South Florida strip club King of Diamonds?

“This is the story… The story of the money, the girls, the people, the fame and the love. Taking a page from HBO’s hit series CATHOUSE, and FULL THROTTLE, MAKE IT RAIN will be an amalgamation of docu-drama and sexuality, but at the very heart of the piece is a real story. [Owner] Terry managing a thriving business and juggling his other business ventures. At the same time, being a father figure to his employees, giving advice, coaching, paternally guiding some of the girls, making sure that his team of managers (the four horse men) and his self are on the same page, keeping his “A” list celebs clients, music entertainers and athletes happy…and doing all of this as a happily married man with a family of his own!”

The show will feature some of Miami’s high profile strippers like Blac Chyna, Tip Drill, and Skrawberry.