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Gabby Douglas is the golden girl of this year’s Olympic games and soon it will reflect in the “Flying Squirrel’s” bank account. Between endorsement deals and all the potential deals to be made withe golden Gabby, money’s going to be the least of the Olympic sweetheart’s concerns. The money she’s set to earn is set up to be put away for Gabby’s college education.  It has been reported that Gabby was being heavily recruited by Spelman College.

UPDATE: Gabby won’t have to pay for college because she’s been recruited by the top HBCU!

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A family insider has revealed that any lucrative endorsement deals Gabby is set to earn will be put into a trust which she will be able to access when she finishes college. There were rumors that Gabby’s parents were fighting over her money, but the source reveals, “Her parents may be separated, but they still want what’s best for Gabby and are not looking to profit out of her.”

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I honestly hate the way a lot of the media is handling Gabby’s back story. She’s the product of a broken home, but her father is still very much in her life, even though he’s mostly off fighting for our country. To have other outlets tell it, Gabby’s success is overshadowed by the heartache of growing up without the privilege of a strong family foundation.

Folks shouldn’t speak too soon about Gabby’s finances. According to the source, “People forget, she hasn’t made anything from gymnastics yet; her career in the spotlight has only just begun, and while she has the potential to earn a lot of money in the future the rumored figures are way off target.”

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