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Azealia Banks is always in the midst of some type of hot gossip. Whether it’s Twitter beef, real rap beef or pretending to smoke a blown up condom on the cover of a magazine, this girl knows how to be sensational.

While we were busy wondering why Banks’ “Dazed & Confused” Magazine cover was banned, we missed the entire interview, which went in depth about being abused as a child, explored her explicit lyrics and more. This girl is so interesting to me.

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Banks has one of the biggest potty mouths I’ve ever heard and I forget that she’s only 21. A mere kid in a business designed and run by men, patronized by fickle consumers and she’s managed to make a name for herself that can’t be ignored despite the negativity she tends to surround herself around. The magazine’s editor had this to say about Banks:

I really enjoyed interviewing her. She’s an extremely smart and driven person. The intensity of her ambition is almost scary. You get the sense that there are no laws or limits to what she will do to get where she wants to be. She’s really funny, blunt and flips her hair a lot – like the classic ‘b-tch from a teen movie’ hair flip. It’s a good move. My interview with her inspired me to flip my hair more.

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Check out some of the standout quotes from Banks’ interview with “Dazed & Confused” below:

On Her Abusive Mother:

We grew up in the hood, but we had some money. But I moved out when I was 14 to go live with my older sister, because my mom just had, well… issues.

After my dad died, my mom became really abusive – physically and verbally. Like she would hit me and my sisters with baseball bats, bang our heads up against walls, and she would always tell me I was ugly. I remember once she threw out all the food in the fridge, just so we wouldn’t have anything to eat. It was like growing up a feral child, being raised by this person who was always yelling and screaming, hitting you and dragging you around and sh-t.

Granted, she never had any drug or drinking problems – her house was clean, her hair was always done, and we had stuff – but she still f***ed me up real bad.’

On Her Obsession With Boys:

Growing up I was so curious about boys. I just loved them. I’d always get my recesses taken away for letting boys touch my butt in the lunch line I got in trouble for fooling around in school a lot. I just wanted to be touched, ya know? I just wanted to have sex. And my mom was always working so there was never anyone around to tell me no.


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