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Considering reality television is a delusional narcissist’s paradise, it’s not surprising that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s self-professed “good guy” Stevie J fancies himself as some sort of love guru. Considering all of the encouragement he gets via social media from envious men, it actually makes sense for the very talented producer and songwriter to be thinking about dropping a lovemaking guide. Heaven help you ladies and men with men who plan on copping this literary work should it come to fruition.

Rolling Out has recapped a recent radio interview in which Stevie J reveals his plans for the future – including that sex book:

The interview got especially interesting however when he was asked to speak on ventures he’s currently working on that will include new music from his son Gavin and singer Taryn Grant. Outside of the studio however, J says he and Joseline could very well be working on an explicit video guide for young couples. Oh joy. “Yeah we might be doing the lovemaking guide, we got the book coming, the t-shirts coming,” said J. “We got the music coming, we got Taryn Grant, Eddie Rap Life, the Stevie J project, BBOD, and Young Gavin —  we just working.”

When asked to expound on his instructional tools however, J said a book would be released first “Just the way players play. A manual for the ladies and a manual for the gentlemen with my perspective on how to handle things.”

Check out the clip below:


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