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Veronica Miller (pictured) delivered a stillborn baby at 33 weeks and was given the wrong body to bury by Memphis’ Shelby County Cemetery, reports the Daily Mail.

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The county cemetery, which is a government-sponsored potter’s field for those who cannot afford the expenses of a burial, was recommended to Miller by the hospital where she delivered her daughter Malaysia. ”The hospital convinced me that this was a wonderful place for babies,” she told WMCTV.

Yet when Miller went to visit the burial grounds, she discovered that it was far from what she had been told by hospital personnel.  “I wouldn’t bury my dog there,” Miller lamented. “We saw markers that were scattered out, came out the ground. I mean, how would I identify that this is where my baby is at?”

The young Mom then made the request to have her child’s body removed from the cemetery and turned over to a funeral director.

Grave diggers apparently dug up the wrong corpse and delivered it to the funeral home.

Watch news coverage of the incident here:

A Shelby County official responded to the mix-up by stating that the current policy regarding the identification of corpses will change: From now on, bodies cannot be released from the cemetery until caskets are opened and corpses are identified by the tag inside.

Still, the grieving Mom’s pain has not been relieved since she now has to prolong her child’s burial until the wrong body is returned and her baby’s corpse is dug up.

“And I just want other Mothers to know, if you can help it, don’t let the state take over your baby and bury them there,” Miller warned.


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