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It was the uppercut heard ’round the world.

Poor Shidea Lane… The rowdy 25-year-old probably never expected that after verbally antagonizing and physically assaulting a bus driver would end in her being punched, dragged and de-wigged. Well it happened, and thanks to WorldStarHipHop, only people who sleep under a rock, haven’t seen it. Since the beating, 59-year-old, veteran Artis Hughes has allegedly been suspended.

Here’s the video:

The local news caught up with Shidea Lane, who discussed the volatile encounter, saying:

“[He] didn’t think I had any money to get on the bus and I was looking for it, trying to tell him that I have money to get on the bus. From there, it just escalated.”

“It’s amazing to see how a man could hit a woman that hard. Are you serious? You could have pulled me off the bus. For real? You gonna punch me? It felt like I was on Mortal Kombat. It just hurted. It was almost like a ‘Finish Him!’ type of hit.”

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