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The auspicious date of 12/12/12 is being celebrated by twin boys Dashaun (pictured top) and Davion Robinson (pictured bottom), who just happen to be turning 12 on this once-in-a-century lucky day reports the Charlotte Observer.  And just what are the boy’s plans on this numerically bizarre date?

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The Charlotte, North Carolina, twins of course wanted to skip going to school in order to celebrate their birthday, but the boys’ mother, Shana, put the kibosh on that idea.  “I told them they had to go,” Shana told the Charlotte Observer.  “Not going to school – to them, that’s special. But I think education is a little more important.”

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Dashaun and Davion also told their mom that their birthday wish was to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, which has a massive indoor water park.  The request is still under consideration.

The sixth graders also want to visit a nearby shopping mall, hit the stores, and select a special gift for themselves.  But so far, Shana, a single Mother with five children, will give her boys a birthday cake and ice cream, which they will enjoy after school with a few friends.

Shana tells the Charlotte Observer that her boys are avid sports enthusiasts whose favorite pastime is baseball.  As a matter of fact, the boys participated in a championship-winning game this past summer in the county of Mecklenburg.  And even though Davion had strep throat, with a fever of 103 degrees, he still managed to pitch a 13-12 win for his team, the Hickory Grove Angels, at the game.

The proud 35-year-old Mom also boasts about the fact that her boys are not only sports lovers but they are good students who love reading and math as well.  “They’re great kids,” says Shana.

Shana, who says that her family is a tightly knit clan, finds it so hard to believe that her twins are no longer babies and are getting to be so independent.  ”They’re growing and making friends,” she laments. “They don’t need Mom as much as they used to. They’re not babies anymore.”

Happy birthday, Dashaun and Davion!

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