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According to the Mayan calendar, its a wrap for us on the Dec. 21. To commemorate this event, here are some of the best “end of the world” flicks you can check out!

The Book of Eli

After a nuclear apocalypse, Eli looks to deliver what is said to be the last copy of the Bible. While in route to deliver the book, Eli runs into Carnegie, who also wants the book. After successfully stealing the book from Eli, Carnegie discovers the book is written in Braille.

12 Monkeys

In 12 Monkeys, the world is taken over by a virus that forces civilization to move underground. Scientists develop a time machine to send James Cole back in time to stop the virus that destroys the earth.


A geologist visits India only to find out that Solar Flares are warming the earth’s core causing it to overheat. The earth is turned into mother nature’s step child with explosions of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Day After Tomorrow

Global Warming sets off uncommon weather conditions in different parts of the world. Floods cover NYC and the east coast. Tornadoes wipe out LA and then earth goes into the new Ice Age.

Mad Max

After the world’s oil supply dries up, it’s every man for himself. It’s now up to Max Rockatansky better known as Mad Max to save the world from the bike riders.

Deep Impact

An Asteroid is discovered by a teenage astronomer, who discovers unusual object in the stars. After a year has passed, it’s then discovered that the Asteroid is on its course towards earth. The United States and Russia together build a spaceship that will host astronauts. The part of all this astronauts the mission fails, the asteroid now becomes 2. And the earth is now doomed to E.L.E.


Nic Cage aka Nostradamus has special powers that allow him to predict the future by putting numbers in special sequences. He is then visited by aliens who are determined to save his son from the solar flares that are nearing the earth.


Terminator is the prime of example of what will happen if Robots ever take charge of the world. Sarah Connor is tasked with protecting her younger brother against a cyborg from the future.

Independence Day

Spaceships come to invade earth with laser beams blowing everything up in its sight, what makes it worst they come on everyone’s favorite summer time holiday Fourth of July.


Asteroids hitting earth bound with no possible ways of stopping them. The earth’s fate is in the hands of the most unlikely saviors.

Any Zombie movie

Zombie movies always put characters in the worst scenarios. No help in sight. Every man for himself, while ducking and dodging actual zombies! With the Apocalypse nearing, and the increase of “bath salt” consumption, make sure your running shoes are readily available.


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