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Chris Rock has reached a confidential settlement to end a lawsuit that involves a Hungarian model, paternity, Anthony Pellicano and a Kleenex tissue kept in a freezer. The legal claim was filed by Monika Zsibrita in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She brought a paternity action against Rock more than a decade ago, but DNA tests showed that he was not the father of her daughter. Nevertheless, according to a later lawsuit that was first filed as Jane Doe v. John Doe to keep secrets, Rock and Zsibrita executed a confidentiality agreement to cover up what allegedly happened in 1998 in a Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. According to Zsibrita, Rock attacked her and attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him. A week later, the two went out on another date, and  there allegedly was forced intercourse. In the pleadings, Rock denied all allegations of rape and other wrongdoing.

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Zsibrita became pregnant and believed the child to be Rock’s, but the paternity test said it wasn’t. During the paternity proceeding, Rock hired Pellicano, and Zsibrita reported that her house was broken into and pictures of her daughter were taken. The two sides agreed to confidentiality, but that started to unravel when Rock appeared on the Howard Stern radio show, saying that he was scammed, that he was approached by a woman saying she was a big fan, that he forgot to wear a condom, that a Nigerian got her pregnant and that it was all a setup.



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