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A five-year-old boy from Lakewood, Calif., found sexually-explicit photos on his new Nintendo 3DS gift he received on Christmas Day.

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Braydon Giles was playing with his new device on Dec. 25th when he asked his older brother to help him delete the graphic images.

When Bryton Giles saw the pictures himself, he immediately told his father.

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“He said that he didn’t take these pictures, so I went over to these pictures and I see two people in a bed. I told my dad and I said ‘dad this has porn on it’ and he got up and went right to the phone,” Giles said, according to 9News.

After seeing the nine images himself, Mark Giles contacted the Gamestop where he purchased the system from and they apologized for the incident. The store’s manager told Giles the pictures were from the last owner and they’d forgotten to remove them before re-selling the 3DS.

Watch a news report about the incident:

The store gave Braydon a new 3DS with some games to go along with it. Gamestop’s corporate office also released a statement on the matter:

“GameStop is currently researching this situation. We have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that existing content is removed from all devices before they are re-sold. Out of millions of transactions each year, ones like this happen very rarely. Our number one priority is to make this right for our customer.”

Giles says he is happy about the response, but still worries about the impact the photos will have on his son.

“You can’t unsee this. He’s 5 years old. Maybe when he’s 18 or 20 maybe he won’t know anything about it, but he’s not going to forget about this tomorrow,” Giles said.

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