There are times when we get so mad at the FCC for censoring our TVs like they’re our grandmas, but every Mayan cycle, we wish they intervened.

One of LA’s TV stations, KDOC, did what any hip, independent station would do and put on a New Year’s Eve special because that’s what the TV hipsters do. Well, they’re not MTV or FUSE, and for good reason!

This had to be one of the most unorganized, outrageous live clip of anything I’ve ever seen. Let’s give you the rundown before you look at the video:

  • It was advertised to have appearances by Mario Lopez, Eva Longoria, among other stars who teeter-totter on that A-list/B-list line, but guess who didn’t show up? It was like the Soul Train Awards where semi-big stars are nominated and they win an award but they’re not there, so we have to see a D-lister, like Macy Gray (she was at the special, y’all, you can’t make this stuff up) accept the award on the real star’s behalf.
  • They would drop down random Carl’s Jr. commercials in the middle of people talking. Commercials are expected, but aren’t you supposed to say something like, “We’ll be right back after this message?”
  • #ThatAwkwardMoment when a hosts asks what your name is and you introduce yourself as “Talon mother&^$%in’ we-didn’t-catch-your-last-time-because-you-cursed-on-live-TV,” and the second person introduced was your mom. We’re just gonna leave that there.
  • Let’s not forget Khia’s could be cousins who got on stage to embarrass everyone and ended up in a fight.
  • We won’t even talk about host, Jamie Kennedy.


Watch the clip.

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