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Karrueche Tran is out here making a dollar out of 15 cents and you can’t be mad at her. After she was thrust into a love triangle last year that involved Rihanna and Chris Brown, her stock rose and she has been getting all types of requests to be featured in magazines, on television, host parties and write books. She’s even signed with commercial modeling agencies in New York and LA.

Her promo tour stopped in Atlanta last week where she hosted two parties, at Vanquish and Harlem Nights, as well as some community service which is dear to her heart as an administrator of Chris’ Symphonic Love Foundation. She made a stop by Agape Community Center to drop off toys and read to a few kids in celebration of the center’s Reading Awareness Day.

Kae also made a stop by Atlanta radio station where she chopped it up with hosts about her life while avoiding almost anything Chris Brown related Check out out a few interesting things we learned about Karrueche from the interview below:

Chris Brown suggested she should have a line of her own:

Chris has his own men’s line, which is Black Pyramid and he wanted to start a women’s version so he asked me to do it. That’s why we started off with just doing a women’s line but then we ended up doing a men’s line as well, so its unisex. For every outfit, there’s a men’s [version] and there’s a women’s [version]. I design both men and women. Everybody is like ‘Where’s your line?’ ‘Where’s all the stuff’ and I’m like ‘I’m sorry but it’s coming.’  I promise you, it’s really dope and everybody will love it. Just give me some time.

Her loyalty lies with Chris Brown:

I will always keep my relationship and my personal life personal. I stand behind whatever I do 100 percent. So, now that’s the focus.

She doesn’t know where she stands with Chris Brown or maybe she does:

[laughs] Ummmm… I can’t say. Like I said, I’ll just keep that personal.

If Chris was to ask her to marry him, she’d say:

[laughs hysterically] The time is not right…at all [laughs].

Sometimes she really does want to go H.A.M. on her Twitter followers who tweet negativity all day:

It’s hard because sometimes, I really want to go there but I don’t. I just ignore it. I’m on my Twitter all day, [so] I pretty much read everything. You have to laugh at it and just brush it off. Pay no mind to it and don’t allow that negative [stuff] to cloud your mind. Its hard, I’m not sitting here saying ‘It’s easy, I got it. I’m good,’ because it’s hard. [There] are some days, where its really hard on me, but at the end of the day, I’m good. I’ve found a way to deal with it […] What I’ve found out is, regardless of what I say, somebody is always going to say something negative or bring some type of negative light to it so….

It sucks that I have to hold back, but its whatever, its not that big of a deal. I will never allow anyone else to faze me.

She’s officially a model now that she’s signed with an agency:

I just recently signed to a commercial agency and I’m with an agency in New York as well. I haven’t done a lot yet but hopefully… I just recently did Vibe and I’m really excited about those pictures because [they were sexy].

She likes strip clubs:

Now that I’m in Atlanta, I’m going to have to go to strip clubs. Y’all strip clubs are off the chain [laughs].

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