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Rick Ross has sold millions of records and made even more fans during his seven years in the rap game. But the Carol City, FL native has also made a few enemies.  From rappers to gangsters and jilted lovers, there is a growing list of people that he has rubbed the wrong way.

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On January 28,2013  the “Bawse” was driving in his Rolls Royce celebrating his birthday when someone tried to blow out his candles permanently. While there is speculation by some that the drive-by “hit” was staged, we can’t help but wonder who would have the cajones to take real life shots at the Bawse.

Continuing our long tradition of playing armchair detective, here are six guesses based on what has popped up about Ricky Ross in the news.

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5. Freeway Ricky Ross

The real life gangster has had a bone to pick with Ross for taking his name and losing the battle in court to get it back. So what better way to send a message than a few hollow points through your door?

“I refer to him as William Roberts, the guy who tattooed my name on his hands,” he said in this interview with Forbezdvd.com.

Top 5 Suspects In The Rick Ross Drive-By  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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