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Well isn’t this exciting? The hosts of 106 & Park double date! We are all aware of the evident relationship between 106 & Park hosts, Shorty da Prince & Paigion. And their relationship seems pretty dreamy.

Paigion And Shorty da Prince Dating! [EXCLUSIVE]

Shorty and Paigion stole our hearts on Valentines day when Shorty asked Paigion to be his valentine live on 106 & Park. Then, we also got to witness Paigion’s heart flutter when she put up an Instagram photo of the gifts she received from Shorty, how cute is that? These aren’t the only two who’ve been shot by cupid this season.

We can’t forget about Bow Wow, his love life is picking back up with the beautiful Angela Simmons. Even though their relationship has been and off for some times now, these two always find their way back to each other. February has really put love in the air and awesome dates are in full effect.

Sources say, Bow Wow and Angela Simmons along with Shorty da Prince and Paigion went on a double date to the movies. We did a quick twitter search and there were definite fan tweets confirming they were also in the movies with the two couples. Everyone deserves their own slice of happiness, why not enjoy it with friends?

Written By: Ashley Allen

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