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Asking why Kanye West goes off is like asking why the sky is blue. The mercurial musician has built a rep for speaking his mind no matter the forum or who it may offend.  However, he usually saves his vitriol for country singers, unpopular presidents, the press or the paparazzi.

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At times Kanye can be contrite and has even apologized on occasion (read here). But during a recent show in London one half of “The Throne”  went on a rant against The Grammys, nameless corporations and even his partner Jay-Z for his song with Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie.”

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f–king with that ‘Suit & Tie,” he told the crowd before going on an extended rant that included a promise to start wearing pink Polos again. We weren’t aware that he’d stopped but that’s beside the point.

Kanye is the only guy who can have Kim Kardashian carrying his baby and still find something to be mad about. He was just in Brazil making praise hands with the woman so we figured his life was all zen right now. But noooo. Yeezy mad. Again.

But why? Only he knows for sure but uneducated guesses are what we do for fun around here.

5) Loyalty

Kanye is still riding on JT for exposing Janet Jackson’s pierced nipple during the Super Bowl XXXVII halftime show. But clearly Jermaine Dupri (who was also mad at JT) is over it and had no problems with Hov this weekend in Atlanta.

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