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File this one under extra hilarious! The good homies at Hip Hop DX drew attention to something today that we are happy to have found! Busta Rhymes sat down for a recent interview with Shaheem Reid and it was so thoroughly entertaining, we had to keep running certain parts of it back! This is the type of conversation that makes Hip Hop heads beyond happy! These are the things that true heads can sit around and talk about for hours. It’s so worth the time it takes to watch it!

Busta tells some great stories about Leaders Of The New School and how it was when he was starting out. DX pointed out something particularly funny though. In the interview, Busta Discusses the reason why they were speaking so softly at the beginning of “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” apparently they were making fun of Diddy!

Think about it, get the song cued up in your mind. Okay, you got it? Right after the beat drops in…they are talking really, really low. They’re saying things like “Flip Mode” or “Bussa Bus” remember that? Well as it turn out, that was almost an homage to those whispers that Bad Boy artists (Namely Diddy) laced throughout the front  and sometimes end of their songs. But the way Busta tells the story is comical! Check it out below!

And just for good measure, listen to “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” and get a laugh!


Totally entertaining! Salute!


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