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Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest dropped a new song entitled “For You” and not too much is being written about it. Seems everyone is basically just posting the song and keeping it moving. Upon listening to it, it is now understood why this phenomenon seems to be taking place.

Reviewing  music is truly not something every writer enjoys doing, so when you come across a project like this one, it makes it hard to figure out what to say. Thanks to the good people at AllHipHop.com we got the song for you, so instead of a bunch of blathering on and on about it, we’ll let you listen to it for yourselves and see what you think!

Check it out!


Let’s put it like this, the production was nice and I think that Metta World Peace is one of the best defensive players to ever touch a basketball!

Now we want you the readers to play the role of A&R!  What did you think of the song? Are you bewildered, shocked, surprised, can’t wait to push play again? Take The Poll and let us know!


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