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Money May appeared on New York radio earlier today and talked about some of the pressing issues that have been going on with him lately.  Here is some of what Floyd had to say:


How many more fights he has, until he plans to retire: 

Five. I’m done.

How he stayed fit, while doing time in jail:  

At first it was kind of rough. I was in lock down 23 hours a day, with one hour out. I was locked up in a maximum unit. Eventually I started doing push-ups, that’s all you can do. I thought about my family, thought about my career. I came up with a lot of ideas.

Why he had Lil Wayne bring him out for his latest fight: 

Well, Lil Wayne has always supported me. Me and Baby hang out; we’ve gambled before. He beat me out a little bit of money. He’s a cool dude.

Why he and 50 Cent’s relationship went sour: 

When it comes to business, some times people don’t see eye-to-eye. Sometimes its best for him to go his way and me to go mine.

His response to 50 Cent saying that he buys his friends: 

It’s just business. Just because he may say something negative, don’t mean Imma say something negative. I wish him the best.

If he’s content with his circle of friends now: 

A lot times we like to call people friends. If you’re my friend, you’re gonna always be my friend. And real friends are gonna bump heads. But the public shouldn’t know.

If Ray J is still part of ‘The Money Team’: 

Actually Ray J texted me yesterday.

If he still has issues with the mother of his childrenJosie Harris

Things can sometimes be over exaggerated. Imma good parent; she’s a good parent.

Why he wants to get married now: 

We don’t know what the future holds right now. I’m not married at this particular time. There’s no perfect relationship. Things happen.