Reason #3  Production Is Not What It’s Being Characterized As

Mr. Prismall insists that “rap” music is only comprised of high tech gadgets and no true music is employed. This is simply hilarious. Instead of knowing the history of how beats and tracks were originally and continue to be made, he throws up facts that he clearly got out of some 1964 back issue of ”Teen Scene Magazine”  and not from any credible source. There is a science to it, and any producer worth his salt isn’t just sampling Michael Jackson. That is just another insult! Many producers in hip-hop play instruments and are well versed on multiple categories of music.

Says Prismall;

“And, they did it in studios so primitive the quality is miraculous. Today’s studio of wannabe rock stars simply learn a Michael Jackson dance routine, dial up a song on auto-tune, and later add voice-overs to a shemozzle of prefabricated sound; like a fault- ridden bongo organ, thumbing over programmed rifts of beats and notes.

Shameful how he just throws all the “Rap” producers world wide, past and present into the same wack category. We would never compare David Foster with Rick Ruben, as they should never be compared. They are both genius in their own right, even though they both serve very different purposes within an ipod.

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