#2  There are no “Rap Apologists”.

Says Prismall;

“The rap raiders replaced song with such mindless drivel they ought to hide the lyrics, if there are any. They call it rap because that’s what you want them to do – wrap it up. Rap started in the US in the 1970′s as a type of street art (sic), according to apologists. More like a squandered literary licence, hacking into the rhythm of poetry’s maligned iambic pentameter.”

Name one person that you know of  who is apologizing for rap! Don’t worry we’ll wait.

First of all, it started with the DJ culture and its roots go back much more than 40 years to the Bee Pop era. But you could only know that if you bothered to find out.

It started from people talking about what they knew and their realities of life. It was an outlet for a community who was tired of their needs and and plight being ignored. It was not meant for anyone other than those who wanted to listen to it. Therefore, the music was never “maligned poetry” to those who could understand and sympathize with the plight of the artist spitting.

See, unlike Mr. Prismall, we understand it, and may have felt kindred to what artists like KRS, Chuck D, NAS, Heavy D, Slick Rick etc had to say. We comprehend it, in ways that Barry Prismall will never get, nor would he ever have to. So, he shouldn’t claim to know our lives or our creative outlets, as he clearly would’t waste one minute to learn about them.

5 Reasons Why Barry Prismall Is Dead Wrong About Rap  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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