Reason #1   “Rap” And Hip Hop Are Two Totally Different Things

According to Mr. Barry Prismall;

“Rap chatter-boxes managed to side-step contests like The Voice and American/Australian Idol, to gatecrash the charts with the phenomenon of some fast talking. Once they signed a recording contract they produced at will a deafening, staccato speech about vomit, violence, blood, sex and dark depression.”

Oh my dear  Mr. Prismall, if only you had a clue what you were saying. Just because you write it eloquently, doesn’t make it accurate!

Just to blow Barry’s mind one time, we’re going to show some examples of artists that defy the stereo-types that he has put forth as truth. His allegations are simply; preposterous, rantings from a man of advanced age, who doesn’t seem to care about what other communities experience. He has no idea that “Rap” is not what the music really is. There is a difference between Hip Hop and “Rap”.


Soul Khan

Jasiri X

Hip Hop defies every single notion that Mr. Barry Prismall suggested. And Hip Hop is not just mumbling over some synthetic drums. It’s a culture, a way of life. People eat, sleep, breathe… live Hip Hop, and it’s a complete and utter disgusting slap in the face for this man, who knows nothing about what he speaks, to even begin to voice his opinion on something he never even bothered to get facts on!

Hip Hop is not about a bunch of gold digging hussies trying to find a rapper to screw to pay their rent! His depiction of women affiliated with the genre was despicable, and incredibly wrong. His ideas that every rapper is talking about hoes and guns and money is hurtful to the masses who read his words and believe him, instead of doing the math themselves.

The truth is simple, this music isn’t made for Mr. Prismall, and he isn’t built for the music. So, instead of bashing what he doesn’t have the ability to research or  understand, how about he just set his FM dial to the easy listening or oldies station and mind his business, so that others can go back to minding theirs.

Barry Prismall ended his tirade with;

“Rap is as bad as lip sync, and, just as dishonest.”

This comment is disingenuous, and flat out wrong. The only one being dishonest sir, is you.


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