It’s no secret that Shaq is going through a nasty divorce with his soon to be ex-wife Shaunie. Shaunie recently teamed up with Shaq’s mistress to create a double team trap in order to give her a little wiggle room and have chances of receiving a financial gain during the settlement.

The Vh1’s new reality show Basketball Wives just premiered and is already getting a rise from many players in the game. One being Shaq himself. Shaq had his legal team send out a “Cease & Desist” letter to halt the motion of production well at least to stop the use of his name.

Shaquille O’neal’s ex Shaunie O’neal is executive producer of the show, which showcases the crazy, luxurious lives of several NBA exes. The show is much like basketball wives gone wild. In the letter Shaq demands that VH1 halt production on “any further episodes of ‘Basketball Wives‘ which make any reference to Mr. O’Neal.”

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