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2 Chainz’ personal security guard called into his hometown radio station Power 107.5 MyColumbusPower to give his firsthand account of the robbery the Atlanta rapper denied on Twitter.

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“We just got off the plane, we had did a show in Seattle and we were in downtown San Francisco,” the man known as Hammer Strength told the station. “It was broad daylight, 4:30 in the afternoon. People was walking around and everything. We got out the truck and get ready to walk into the spot and all of a sudden three dudes jumped out with huge guns–HUGE guns–.357 Magnums. We thought it was a joke at first and all we heard was ’2 Chainz give it up.’ We didn’t do anything at first, just froze to see if it was real. Then 2 Chainz backed up and took off.  He took off running first. When he took off running we took off running. TMZ got it like we left him standing there.”


We just have one question: Should you really be the security guard talking about your client getting robbed? That’s like a doctor doing the interview the day after their patient…never mind.

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