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Spotted @ The Single Father’s Blog

In an attempt to get more Americans to fight against “stand your ground laws”  around the country a group called The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released a 90-second commercial that re-enacts the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The group released the video on Monday and asked people to sign a petition aimed at repealing the “stand your ground” laws in 26 states.

In the video an actor who portrays George Zimmerman can be seen chasing down a young man in a dark hooded sweatshirt. After the scene shifts to the inside of a woman’s home a gunshot can be heard as actual 911 calls from the night of Trayvon’s murder are played. The commercial ends with several individuals laying on the ground wearing hoodies.

George Zimmerman was charged with killing Trayvon Martin earlier this year, but was acquitted of all charges in July. Zimmerman’s lawyers did not use a “stand your ground defense”, but jurrors were instructed to consider the law during their deliberations.

Hopefully, this petition will help spark more conversations about getting rid of these horrendous laws that allow people to kill with out any true justification.

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